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Kato Engineering

Kato Traction Alternators

Rail Expertise

The urgency and short reaction times required in the rail business are understood by MNP Electrical. As a result, we have highly skilled interdisciplinary engineering teams that specialise in rail-specific technological design. Our Engineers can directly contribute to the management of international projects.

Our generators are built to withstand harsh, messy conditions as well as the thermal cycling brought on by the frequent acceleration and deceleration that locomotives must undergo.

For new or renovated locomotives operated in switchyard, rail grinding, and short road-haul operations, Kato Engineering has developed locomotive traction alternators. Experts of MNP Electrical have a wealth of expertise creating reliable and effective alternators that are tailored for rail. Kato locomotive alternators are typically installed in either of two ways:

  • Two alternators per engine where the primary alternator is driven from the main output shaft of the engine and the dual auxiliary alternator is driven from the PTO of the front of the engine
  • One combined alternator with a primary traction alternator and a companion alternator driven from the same shaft off the primary output of the engine. 

This type of unit is perfect for locomotives when weight and space are the main considerations.

Our generators are built to withstand rough, muddy conditions as well as the heat cycling brought on by the frequent acceleration and deceleration that locomotives must undergo.

Mining Expertise

Mine-haul trucks are utilised in some of the hardest settings on the planet, and MNP Electrical has nearly 12 years of expertise providing traction power for these vehicles. Our traction alternators are the best option for today’s electric drive systems since they deliver dependable power.

The small size of Kato traction alternators increases vehicle payload and profitability. They can withstand rough and dirty circumstances as well as heat cycling brought on by the continuous acceleration and deceleration required for mine haul truck operations thanks to their tough structure and excellent insulation.

Kato Turbine Generators

Providing custom power generation solutions for wide range of applications.

For your unique power generation requirements, MNP Electrical offers dependable, long-lasting Kato Engineering equipment as well as expertise, product support, genuine parts, remanufacturing alternatives, and training you can rely on.

Up to 25 MW of electrical power may be produced by our whole line of gas and steam turbine alternators, making them the ideal power source for off-grid areas such as offshore drilling platforms, ships, and onshore places seeking independent power with the potential to sell electricity to the grid.

We provide a broad variety of cooling alternatives. Kato Engineering can satisfy API-546 and requirements for hazardous (Class 1 Division 2, or zone 2 per IEC Ex and ATEX) applications.

Kato Motor Generator Sets

Load isolation is provided for computers and other complex electrical systems by motor-generator (MG) sets. They are used for transformer testing and have frequency conversion capabilities.

  • Rugged and trustworthy: The motor generator set’s design completely separates the generator from incoming mains power. Voltage sags, surges, or spikes that might harm the generator or the equipment they’re powering are prevented.
  • The motor generator set’s generator is made to stout NEMA specifications and can withstand overloads and short circuits.
  • All of Kato Engineering’s sets are serviced, including those that, by the standards of the electronics sector, are old.
  • Low-distortion, quiet power: We may create a generator with distortion as low as 1% THD line-to-line by carefully designing the windings. These machines’ neutrals are often not linked, hence the third harmonic is almost nonexistent for a balanced load. The fifth and seventh harmonics can be effectively reduced by adopting the ideal pitch, while higher harmonics, including slot harmonics, can be diminished with careful use of skew.
  • High-voltage form-wound Motor Generator sets from Kato Engineering provide larger output voltages than are possible with random windings, making an input or output transformer unnecessary or at least more straightforward.
  • Additionally, our motor generator sets have significant benefits over solid-state systems.
  • KATO Motor Generator Sets have a generous design and precise manufacture that enable them to last for decades with little more than routine maintenance. Our clients regularly utilise generator sets that were produced thirty years ago.

Defence Sector

From Coast Guard boats to Army defensive systems, from Navy ships to Air Force sites, Kato generators & electrical solutions are constantly on duty.

Professionals of the highest calibre work at MNP Electrical to support design, production, and service operations of Kato Engineering. To ensure efficient solutions and strict compliance to even the most challenging electrical difficulties, MNP Electrical makes use of engineering and project management capabilities that are exclusively dedicated to defence and government projects. These resources, along with our commercial business foundation, enable us to leverage cutting-edge technology to deliver a dependable product at a reasonable cost. MNP Electrical is skilled in a variety of fields, including producing current designs and creating cutting-edge new technologies. We will collaborate with you throughout every stage of your project, from supplying technical details prior to the sale through final design.

Parts & Service

Products for the military sector are repaired and maintained through a network of service centres that has been approved and accredited. There is a service facility ready to meet your requirements anywhere in Australia. You may get help with installation, setup, planned maintenance, and training in addition to repair and on-site rebuilding. For speedy delivery, MNP Electrical also has a selection of Kato components on hand.


With traction power for mine-haul trucks, which are utilised in some of the hardest locations on the planet, MNP Electrical has over 12 years of expertise in Kato Engineering field. Kato traction alternators are the best option for today’s electric drive systems since they deliver reliable power.

Kato Engineering Traction Alternators are designed for AC Drive mine trucks in the 260 to 400-ton range, driven by a 2000 to 4000 hp diesel engine.

Product Features

  • Designed to match engine power from 2000 – 4000 HP
  • Variable speed operation from 650 -1900 RPM
  • Up to 2800 Vdc, when rectified
  • Single or dual bearing configurations, with customizable options
  • Customer specific mounting options
  • Class H VPI insulation materials are used on all wound components for long service life
  • Heavy duty windings designed for AC drive applications (ie. SCR and IGBT drives)
  • Either self cooled or by customer supplied, ducted cooling air
  • Brushless excitation with heavy duty rotating rectifier
  • Withstands shock loads of up to 5Gs in any axis
  • Designs that are optimized for reduced weight to increase overall payload

Kato Engineering creates power generating systems that meets industry requirements for performance, durability, maintainability, and compactness as well as a number of international standards (ISO, IEEE, MIL-STD, NEMA, etc.).

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