D550 Genuine Leroy Somer AVR



D550 Genuine Leroy Somer AVR offers excitation currents of up to 7 A while maintaining high reliability and precision for SHUNT, permanent magnet (PMG), or AREP (auxiliary winding) excitation types.

D550 Genuine Leroy Somer AVR includes advanced protections such as over-excitation limitation and voltage sensing loss and also features voltage droop for Genset parallel operation. The D550 is also equipped with a Load Acceptance Module (LAM) to handle load impact events.

The D550 has sophisticated safeguards like as over-excitation limiting and voltage sensing loss, as well as voltage droop enabling Genset parallel operation. The D550 additionally has a Load Acceptance Module (LAM) to deal with load impact situations.

Product specifications

Technology Digital
Excitation mode SHUNT, AREP, PMG
Rated excitation current 7 A
Regulation accuracy (+/- %) 0.25 %
Frequency range 10 – 400 Hz
Voltage setting range (+/- %) 30 %
kU/F limitation 0.5 < k< 3
Loss of sensing voltage
Over-excitation limitation
Short circuit current limitation
Voltage droop
Parallel operation between alternators
Load Acceptance Module (LAM)

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Product Specification

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm


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