Generator Service: We are here for you!

Whether you need a breakdown or routine maintenance service, our highly qualified and trained engineers and technicians are always available to assist you.

We are authorised to sell, service, and offer replacement parts for Pramac, Generac, Toshiba, Leroy Somer, Mosa, Gentile, Hyundai, Briggs & Stratton, Potise, and Kubota generators and lighting towers. We are available to assist you and maintain your power generator functioning seven days a week.

While it is common for generator parts to wear and strain, with regular maintenance and servicing, you may avoid unexpected gadget failure and costly downtime; As a result, our professionals are ready to assist you in saving money on this front.

  • Well-equipped team of technicians and engineer
  • On-site and in house expert hub
  • Quick response to minimize the downtime 

MNP Electrical strives to minimise downtime and get things done. With our expert professionals, we provide you with peace of mind for all of your maintenance and repair needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Generator Repair
Alternator Rewind

We excel in customising generator and motor maintenance plans/contracts to help you get the most out of your equipment.

Our skilled professionals will give you with much-needed recommendations tailored to your individual requirements, such as:

  • Detailed reports of the equipment
  • Required upgrades and maintenance needs.

We emphasise maintenance contracts and plans since they play an essential role in lowering breakdown costs or losses due to downtime. The cost of running the equipment is drastically reduced if minor maintenance tasks are completed on time: WE OUTPERFORM IN MAINTENANCE REPAIRS!!

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