Industrial Pump Repair

Industrial Pump Repair Services

MNP Electrical has been providing pump servicing and repair solutions to a wide range of Australian businesses for over 15 years. Our pump servicing and repair services are built around three essential goals, regardless of your business, the fluid you're pumping, or the type of pump you're using.

During every service and repair procedure, our professionals look for methods to improve the performance of your pump. Excessive wear ring clearances, internal recirculation, accelerated bearing wear, and packing/mechanical seal failure are all areas we work on. We intend to extend your service intervals while decreasing your energy expenditures.

Our service truck fleet and Pump Service Centres are built and equipped to handle emergency repairs as quickly as feasible. Our preventative maintenance plans also attempt to keep your pumps offline for short, pre-determined periods rather than possibly longer, painful periods during an emergency.

  • Maximizing your Pump’s Performance
  • Minimizing your Pump’s Downtime
  • Minimizing your Pump’s Lifecycle Costs
Industrial pump repair
Industrial pump repair

We use the latest Techniques!

The Benefits of Laser Alignment

Some of our country's most hardworking pumps may be found in hospitals, hotels, swimming centres, nursing homes, and industrial complexes. These pumps operate around the clock, providing critical water and waste management services.

Pumps that work hard require frequent service to keep them running efficiently; however, anytime a pump or motor is moved for repairs or maintenance, the pump motor shaft must be re-aligned. Laser alignment is the most effective approach for this.

In long-coupled pumps, laser alignment is utilised to align the pump to the motor. Pump motor shaft alignment must be exact to avoid excessive wear and tear on bearings, mechanical seals, and wear rings, which will result in shorter service intervals or equipment downtime.

Our laser alignment methods at MNP Electrical use the most advanced optical technology to perfectly align the pump to the motor within a fraction of a millimetre, maintaining optimal pump efficiency between planned maintenance.

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